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Buying a Property via the Express Estate Agency™

Rebecca Jennings, age 23, and her partner, Peter Stancill, age 25, have been together for two years and wanted to move into a place together. Both were living with parents and though this had its advantages and helped them with their savings, they wanted their own space.

Rebecca organises seminars and other events to give advice and training to unemployed people helping them get back into a paid job, and Peter is a vehicle mechanic. They started saving over a year ago and had been looking on and off for a property since last summer, keeping an eye on estate agents windows and sites to see what could be available to them, once they had a deposit in place.

It wasn't until they saw a house on the site in January this year that they thought they had really found what they were looking for in the location they wanted and at the right price. This was despite the fact that they had to settle for a property at a lower price than they first planned due to new restrictions on mortgage lending.

With her largest ever financial obligation, a first foray into the market and quite nervous of buying a property 'remotely', Rebecca was initially quite anxious about dealing with an online estate agency. She contacted the Express Estate Agency™ by email and was then telephoned by a trained negotiator.

"At first, I didn't quite trust using an online site", said Rebecca. However, the personal contact was comforting, they knew what they were talking about and were highly professional, working efficiently with my solicitors and surveyors to achieve a fast turnaround but keeping me informed every step of the way"

A viewing of the property took place on a Monday. On the Tuesday, after discussions with the Express Estate Agency™, Rebecca made an offer which was accepted, and in just four and a half weeks, Rebecca and Peter got the keys to their first home together.

One of the main pluses of using an online site is, according to Rebecca, the convenience and time saved: "It was really handy being able to communicate with them instantly. I received regular updates on the sale by email and telephone, and they gave me lots of advice, again available on the site and by talking with the negotiators"

In the first instance, Rebecca spoke with the Express Estate Agency™ often, around two or three times a day, and then as the transaction began to take shape, approximately every other day.

"They offered me advice on all property matters. I already had a mortgage in place but they could give advice on this and surveys too. They were really helpful to a first time buyer."

I sold my home within 8 hours

When civil aviation security officer Marion Barry decided to move after living in her cottage in Daisey Nook for 24 years, she wanted to sell her Manchester property. She put the 2-bed cottage in Daisey Nook, near Failsworth and after three months she had not received a single offer. The global economic downturn had brought the property market to its knees and no one was prepared to take the risk of buying a new home. Click here to read more

Express Estate Agency™ matches Seller in a hurry with Buyer ready to buy

When 58-year old Sally had to leave her job due to illness, she realised that she would no longer be able to keep up the mortgage payments on her three bedroom ex-council home in Newark. Sally realised that she would need to sell the property quickly. Click here to read more

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